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Why Fò Shō Energy Work?

There are many forces in the world today that have undervalued, undermined and damaged the Divine Feminine Energy by creating an unnatural dichotomy between Sexuality and Spirituality.  In order for our planet and humanity to survive Balance is needed with Sex and Spirit.

Fò Shō Energy Work assists the woman with her unique expressions of Sexuality and Spirituality thus bringing these two powerful forces into Balance within her.


You Will:

  • Process and let go of false bs (belief systems) around sex
  • Get “out of the head” and stop mental chatter
  • Open your Heart
  • Experience sensitization of the breast, vagina and the rest of the body
  • Enjoy deeper relaxation and stress relief
  • A stronger body-based sense of the Divine Feminine
  • Release emotional and sexual traumas

* There is no sex, touching of breasts/genitals, inner thighs, kissing, or fondling during or after a session.

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