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Fò Shō For YoU

Fò Shō Energy Work


Fò Shō Energy Work is poetry for the body and mind…

It helps the Heart and Soul to rhyme…

The art of energy Flow aligned…

Our purpose glows & creativity shines.Shophar

The energy and body based work performed uses kudalini (sexual creative force) to accelerate the removal of mental, emotional, and physical tension so that creativity heightens and pleasure expands.

The benefits of this work have been observed to positively effect three main areas of women’s lives – Sensual Exploration, Purpose Fulfillment and Healing Sexual Trauma.   These benefits overlap and have unlimited potential for a magical process of transformation.


Sensual Exploratory Woman

“Ecstasy Exists”

Fò Shō Energy Work helps women who are looking to experience a different level to their sexuality. This work provides a safe place for a woman to allow herself to be open, free, and surrender to her yearning to explore deeper into her sexual being.

Purposeful Woman

“The Alchemy of Pleasure”

Fò Shō Energy Work aids women who are at a crossroads: sexually or in life in general. There are times when doors to new experiences and opportunities seem to be closed and the path to our purpose appears unclear. There is great pleasure released when energetic blocks are removed and space is made for our Life to become bigger and our purpose clearer.

Healing Woman

“A New Day, A New You”

Fò Shō Energy Work assists women who have had “bad sex” of some sorts: from the very obvious bad sexual experiences to not being sensually fulfilled or just having a sexually unsatisfied partner. During a session all of the energies that are not Love are processed, removed and/or transmuted.


* There is no sex, touching of breasts/genitals, inner thighs, kissing, or fondling during or after a session

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