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What is Energy Body Work?

It’s a energy and body based work that uses kudalini (sexual creative force) to help the patient remove emotional/sexual traumas and experience more pleasure.


How will this work benefit me?

I like to use the acronym H.A.P.P.Y. to explain:

H: Healing = the energy helps the patient initiate their own healing: spiritually, mentally, and physically

A: Awareness = when more energy becomes available to our bodies and spirit our awareness expands

P: Pain= emotional blocks and sexual traumas are released

P: Pleasure = this work heightens our sensitivity increasing capacity for pleasure and orgasm

Y: Yin= this work helps a woman truly relax and yield to her own feminine receptiveness.


Is this sex?



Is this work sexual?

No. The work is sensual, but it is NOT sex.  I work with energy and parts of the body (hands, feet, head, back and abdomen) that do NOT include the genitals and breasts.  I do NOT touch genitals or breasts.  There is no kissing, fondling, and NO sexual intercourse.


Will I orgasm?

Orgasm and ESR (Expanded Sexual Response) are both possible during a session.


Do I have to be naked?

No.  You can be fully clothed.  I do the work fully clothed.


This sounds really intimate. I am married/in a committed relationship. Isn’t this like cheating?

No.  It’s all about the intention of the work.  This work can help you go deeper into intimacy with your partner.


Is this Tantra?

Yes & No. Tantra as understood in the “west”/ America is usually paired with sex and/or polyamory.  Tantra as understood in deep schools of knowledge in India is about awareness. Tantra roughly means “woven”.  In that sense it means that everything we do with higher awareness is “Tantra”.


Isn’t raising the Kudalini dangerous?

It isn’t dangerous the way I do the work because I help the patient to integrate the energy in a gentle way.


How many sessions will it take?

That depends on the person and what their objectives are – healing sexual trauma, manifestation of desired outcome or connecting with pleasure.  Also, the person’s “inner self work” regimen will affect how many sessions will be needed.


Are there any health conditions you will not do the Energy Body Work on?

Yes. Because of the way this energy art form moves Qi (energy) so strongly, I won’t work on pregnant women or those with heart conditions.


Do you work on men?

I do not do the Energy Body Work on men.  I do Qi Gong coaching for men so that they can become more sensitive to the subtle energies in their body and their partners.  I’m also in the process of developing training course to educate men in the practice of energy consciousness.


Why don’t you do the Energy Body Work on men?

Energy flows best when there is a dynamic difference in polarity. While this style of energy work can work on same sex it is optimized when the opposite sexes work on each other.


Can this be done while I’m on my period?

No. The work shouldn’t be done while your period is heavy. Towards the end or once bleeding is light is better.


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