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Spirit Wants to Bless You…  bring all of you to Life!

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Energy leads to Execellence


Did you know the human body is made of 100% energy.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine it is your life force and attention to your source of life produces well-being.  Shophar will show you how to balance the extraordinary power that lies within you…



“The trouble is you think you have time” – Bhudda

…when, You are Timelessness


Everyday Ecstasy Has Been There All Along…



For Women

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Imagine the Possibilities for you…

Is Pleasure what you want?

“The one word to describe the feeling is Incredible!  Electricity flowed through my entire body.  I felt tingles from head to toe.  As I continued to focus on my breathing my body came apart due to spasm/orgasm.  The feeling was Euphoric!!!” – Kelebogile





Is it Healing you need?

“Shophar was an attentive, patient and knowledgeable practitioner.  He conducted energy healing work on me to help heal wounds from a sexual abuse I harbored for over three years.  I left the session feeling more free, light and at peace.   Thank you.” – L.L.



Is your Creativity flowing?

“The magic and etheric nature of what happened in my session is still synthesizing in my system days later.  Shophar’s integrity, consciousness and ability to hold the safety of the space created an atmosphere of trust and willingness for me.” – Heidi




Is your life full of Purpose?

“Your counsel reflected back from the things I’ve told you and the bodily experience of the energy has allowed me to integrate what I know spiritually, rather than just mentally.  I feel at ease with my purpose, more satisfied…” – Nechel


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